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Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Big Egg Hunt NY

Hello! If you have an eye on my Twitter/Facebook/Instagram feeds you may well already be aware that I was lucky enough to be involved the The Big Egg Hunt in New York this year!

The Big Egg Hunt, sponsored by Fabergè, is a huge charity fundraising event where over 250 artists are asked to paint giant eggs which are then hidden around NYC for the month of April! They're auctioned off at the end of the month and raise huge amounts of money for 2 seriously awesome charities. 'Studio in a School' - which brings the visual arts to over 150 NY public schools every year and the 'Elephant Family' charity, fighting the extinction of the endangered Asian Elephant. It's a brilliant event and I've loved seeing all the photos flood in of my birds in New York (egg140!) on Twitter and Instagram. There are two days left to bid online and view many of the eggs now collected at the Rockefeller Centre.

As the event is coming to a close I thought I'd post a few of my progress photos online. I chose three of my most popular birds for the egg and was in New York for most of January painting it. Needless to say freehand painting three original illustrations onto the huge convex surface that was my egg took some serious time and effort - you can find the full album here on my flickr.


  1. Oh My God! Can it get cuter than this! I am sure it absolutely cannot! I am now going to my closet, getting my paints out to try this rn! RN!!


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