Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Waved Albatross in a Native American War Bonnet

Back! Spent a lot of the summer in parts of South East Asia and Russia, which left very little time for drawing birds in hats. But I'm only doing my final year now so I'm sure there's plenty on the way..
If you happen to be knocking about Brighton there's a lovely art shop called lmnop that's stocking a few of my designs on greetings cards and is generally full of nice things to buy. Postcards should be making their way to Somerset and London within a month or so and if anyone wants me to I may start selling them online for a reasonable price. Send me an email if any particularly take your fancy.

Anyway, this was a suggestion from my flatmate George and it is the war bonnet of the 'Plains Indians', indigenous peoples from the great plains of North America.