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Friday 30 December 2011

Bald Eagle in a Crystal Palace Beanie

A Christmas commission for my manager's boyfriend - a Crystal Palace fan (their mascot being an eagle...)

Thursday 15 December 2011

Magpie in a Brown Leather Trilby

I was asked to give a magpie a 'pikey' hat by a drunken regular and here we are. Inspiration taken from Brad Pitt's brown leather trilby in Snatch...
And thanks to everyone who came down for the Christmas market in Brixton last Saturday, it was great fun and I'll be doing plenty more in 2012 :) I'll also be expanding my stocklists majorly, so email me if you're interested and birds in hats now has it's home on facebook - here.

Tuesday 6 December 2011


Four new A6 christmas cards have gone up on my Etsy shop!
If you're ordering online they'll be posted the same or next day first class and so should be with you before Christmas for now...

...However I will be at the second New Vintage market in Brixton this Saturday, on Coldharbour Lane at
The Living Bar. Last months market was brill and there'll be many new designs on sale there!

Some of which you can see here - my 2011 Christmas designs! They'll be printed on 350gsm card, A5 and with some extra glitter.
Hopefully on sale on my Etsy shop after the market if there's time - email me if you'd like to pre order any (£3.50 per card, all 4 for £12)
Happy Christmas!

Red Footed Partridge (in a tree) in Christmas Knitwear

Two Turtle Doves in Gold Christmas Cracker Hats

Three Winter Wrens in the Three King's Hats

Four Long Tailed Tits in Santa Hats

Friday 2 December 2011

'Norwegian Blue Parrot' (Hyacinth Macaw) in a Top Hat

Finally an update! My flat has been without internet for a long time so I'm using my work's wifi for the foreseeable future. The market in Brixton last month went brilliantly, it was lovely meeting everyone and I'm going to be back at the living bar next Saturday, on the 10th of December on Coldharbour Lane, 2 mins from Brixton underground for the Christmas market. There will be mulled wine...

I've also added some items to the etsy shop, 4 new Christmas designs and a swan, goose and a mandarin duck! I'll be posting all orders the next day, first class since it's December, and will be uploading some special Christmas card designs from this year soon!

Lastly, this was a request from a regular of mine and a monty python fan, who will have to make do with this macaw since the Norwegian blue parrot exists only in John Cleese's imagination...