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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Tree Sparrow in an Alpaca Hat

Well, I've finally finished my degree, been to Berlin, got a full time job, started jury duty and as of yet, have failed to find a new flat in London... It's been a busy few months. Thanks to everyone that has ordered cards off my Etsy shop, Christmas cards are definitely coming this year and there will be some limited run prints on sale soon due to a few email requests :) Also, the lovely 'ImagineThat' blog interviewed me last week, go check out their blog, full of illustration and good advice.

Lots of new birds in hats lined up, though all will happen much faster once I find a new flat

This hat actually exists, bought at Leeds festival in 2007 (I think) by Jack Wall...


  1. This sparrow is ready for the cool weather. I love it.

  2. i believe you have been collecting hats for so many years...
    jealous :)

  3. Hi, I'ms discovering your blog, your birds are funny and pretty ! I love birds. Sorry for my bad english...
    A beautiful blog :)

  4. my absolute favourite. its so amazing, how you manage to make me think "this is THE ONE AND ONLY right hat for this type of bird" in eeeevery single pic. love your work :).

  5. I love this little guy! It looks like it's about to go for a skate! Can I request a cardinal in something? I picture an old school bathing cap - but I'd be stoked to see what you'd come up with, if at all! <3 Erin


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