Friday, 4 January 2013

European Robin in a Flat Cap

So I had a very, very busy December, followed by a very, very sedentary holiday. Back to business now with lots of new, exciting things in the pipeline! Not all birds in hats, but mostly animals wearing human clothes. And some birds wearing hats.

Apologies for those that didn't get Birds in Hats 2013 calendars - I was pretty overwhelmed by their popularity! Needless to say I will be much, much more prepared for the 2014 calendar...

This was a commission for a friend's Granddad for his Christmas present, who was apparently visited by a robin just like this, named Robin :)


  1. Wow, he is stunning! You just keep getting better at this:D

  2. reminds me of my grandad, he always used to wear hats like that and had a big belly :)

    love all of these!

    josie x

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