Monday, 26 November 2012

Emporer Penguin in a Christmas Cracker Hat and bad taste Christmas Jumper

My calendars have sold out! This is brilliant and slightly scary news - can't believe so many people are happy to have birds in hats on their wall all year round :)
I have a big delivery of them coming on Thursday though and am taking lots of pre orders on Etsy over here, so there is still a chance for you too to own a bird in a hat for every month of 2013.

In the meantime here is a Penguin from the Christmas card range... I wasn't going to upload any Christmas ones till December but... I have


  1. Wow this is awesome! Penguins are my favourite animals. Is it okay if I put some of your drawings on my blog with a link to your blog?

    1. That's absolutely fine, as long as there's a link somewhere :) Thank you very much! (Penguins are definitely in my top 5 of birds..)

  2. Congratulations on the success with your calendar! This is a very cool penguin and extremely stylish sweater.