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Friday 2 December 2011

'Norwegian Blue Parrot' (Hyacinth Macaw) in a Top Hat

Finally an update! My flat has been without internet for a long time so I'm using my work's wifi for the foreseeable future. The market in Brixton last month went brilliantly, it was lovely meeting everyone and I'm going to be back at the living bar next Saturday, on the 10th of December on Coldharbour Lane, 2 mins from Brixton underground for the Christmas market. There will be mulled wine...

I've also added some items to the etsy shop, 4 new Christmas designs and a swan, goose and a mandarin duck! I'll be posting all orders the next day, first class since it's December, and will be uploading some special Christmas card designs from this year soon!

Lastly, this was a request from a regular of mine and a monty python fan, who will have to make do with this macaw since the Norwegian blue parrot exists only in John Cleese's imagination...


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