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Thursday 17 March 2011

Oh Comely! (& Chaffinch in a Party Hat)

The lovely people at 'Oh Comely' magazine have interviewed me for their March/April issue. Not only does it have a whole two pages of birds in hats in there, it's a brilliant magazine full of amazing art, illustrations, fashion, interviews, ideas and some really gorgeous photography that you should go and buy.

And to celebrate issue 5, here is a special celebratory bird in hat.


  1. your illustrations are absolutely beautiful, the colours look so deep, i really like your style. congrats on being interviewed for the magazine too, it must be exciting to have your work in a publication

  2. Very cute blog, thanks very much for following my blog! :)

    Avril @ whimsically random x

  3. Hello Alice! I've just seen your beautiful illustrations in Oh Comely magazine, and completely loved their cute quirky nature, and started following your blog so to see more of your delightful creations! I can really imagine your creations in a series of story book tales or even their own cartoon show! That would be awesomely super!
    Love Clare and the Bear X

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